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Can I combine my orders to save on shipping?



  • p.deluca

    If possible please combine my orders

  • Sherri Street

    I have ordered twice today. Will you combine, please? Also I just attended Cosmic Comfort. We were to out the word "comfort" in the notes to receive a crystal. I could find no place on the order form for notes. I tried putting it in the place for promotional codes and it would not accept it. Could you add that word onto my order,.please? Thanks! Sherri Street

  • Cindy Valdepena

    I want to place another order and combine the shipping to save on the cost. But I can’t figure it out. I have the items in my cart I would like to add and pay for. Can someone please email me? Thank you

  • Zabrina

    Hi Cindy Valdepena,

    Please contact our support here and let us know which orders you would like to combine. We will combine the orders if possible but depending on the items purchased and the weight of the package, it's not always possible to save on shipping cost. 

    Love & Light,
    Zabrina ✨
    Team SG


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